#TBT to last months adventures at Bonanza Creek Ranch with @jontaylorsweet, @technopaul and @redcircle12. It was a pretty good day. 🌾 #12fpsadventures #howtosantafe #simplysantafe #purenm9 hour trip to LA... just long enough to give a presentation for work and to swoop by the house I grew up to kiss my familia. Not a bad day. Now, back to New Mexico! 🌴➡️🌵✨🌵✨Bonanza Creek Ranch sits on thousands of acres just south of Santa Fe, with sprawling meadows, hills, wildlife and some of the coolest barns and weird old buildings Ive ever seen. The ranch is used for film and TV sets, and it lays claim to over 100 productions since the 1950s. I cant believe Ive only just uncovered this hidden gem after living less than a dozen miles away from it for the last 5+ years. This is our tour guide Mike, whose no bullshit sensibility makes me proud to call the wild west my home. #yeehawTent Rocks was looking pretty good today. 🍙Welcome to the Wild West. 🌾Taos hits all the right notes. #purenmLights, camera, sunset! 🎥This is Django. Part coyote, part fox, part baby deer. 🐺 Definitely my spirit animal. #weeklyfluffFrozen fog at the dog park this morning... felt like I was in a cloud. ☁️ #whatthefog
🐦💨 | Bosque del Apache, NMOasis in the desert | Abiquiu, NMThis weekend I had the pleasure of working with my hands in a completely new way – carving wood! I had no idea how satisfying and meditative it would be, but Im hooked. Its easy for me to get caught behind a computer editing photos, doing graphic design and dealing with emails in my creative workflow. But it was so nice to get away from technology and still be creative over the last couple days. Big thanks to @abiboy505 for the carving lesson! 😊Sometimes you just have to wander down a winding road and into the fog... ☁️🚶☁️Adventuring and chasing fog with @sacred_geometry & friends.
#howtosantafe #simplysantafe #whatthefog #alwaysgoThis magic moment. 🎶🔮 #howtosantafe #magicChasing that good light in the Bisti Badlands. ✨The Taos Gorge had me swooning yesterday. 🙊 #alwaysgo #purenmWaking up to snow is one of the best feelings in the world. I dont get the winter blues because theres always warmth to be found in this place. #howtosantafe"Some moments are nice, some are nicer, some are even worth writing about." –Bukowski #captionsbywriters
De-Na-Zin Wilderness, NMExplored Plaza Blanca with new friends over the weekend. This place is one of my favorites in all of New Mexico. #purenm #globalyodel #alwaysgoI woke up in a yurt.🔺 #livefolkThe enchanted (and enchanting) @leahrosemai, taking in the view on our hike through Tent Rocks yesterday. ✨🏠🌾"You will travel far and wide." #fortunecookiecaptionsLittle @leahrosemai last night in the badlands. 🔮Taos is just... magic.Seriously though, #whatthefog. This is pretty unusual for Santa Fe.Celebrating @redcircle12s birthday, reflecting on 2014 and feeling pretty excited about the future. Bring it on, 2015! 🙌 #howtosantafe