First morning in Mexico. 🙌🏽 #letsgocariñoGetting ready, packing up, cant sleep, way too excited. 4 more days. 🏃🏽💨 #letsgocariño“A man on foot, on horseback or on a bicycle will see more, feel more, enjoy more in one mile than the motorized tourists can in a hundred miles.” -Edward AbbeyTraining ride at the lake! BEYOND excited for our year long journey through Latin America - 10,000 miles by bike - starting in exactly three weeks. Cant imagine all the incredible places well see and people well meet along the way. Click the link in my bio to read more about this crazy journey my cariño and I are about to embark on. We plan to live on $5k each this year by camping almost every night and traveling by bike through 18 countries. Any contribution to get us closer to our goal of Argentina is greatly appreciated! 😊 #letsgocariño #ohmygodarewereallydoingthis❄️ + 🏞 = 👌🏽 #letsgocariñoStarting the year off right. 👌🏽 #letsgocariñoSouthwest is best. ☺️ 📸 by @abiboy505Over 7 years ago, when I was studying photography @calarts, I took a class called Into the Field with about 15 other photo students. During the semester we planned a road trip through Indian reservations all over Arizona and New Mexico, and at the end of the semester we set out on a week long journey.

After stopping at the Grand Canyon, we wandered our way through a maze of dirt roads, up the side of a mountain, and landed at the Hopi village of Second Mesa in Arizona. We got out of the car and read the sign: No Photography. Definitely a test of character for 16 photo students, as we stood atop that beautiful mesa, thinking about how wed ever be able to capture the moment on film. But, we didnt have to think about that. We just had to be present and in the moment... for once! So we left our cameras in the car and wandered through the village.

A kind, gray haired man invited me and my friend in for tea. We sat on his couch and he talked to us about the new community center they were building, and how he was studying poetry. He gave me a poem called Mother Earth, Father Sky about our connection to earth and the cosmos that brought me to tears. Ever since that day, Ive wanted to go back to that village.

Next week @abiboy505 and I are driving to LA for the holidays and plan to stop at Second Mesa. You wont be seeing any photos, but some memories are better left to the heart. #letsgocariño #neverstopexploringSoul place. 🌬Golden hour at my favorite spot on the lake. ✨ #whpreflective
This is my bikes mascot! A Peruvian mountain goat I picked up at an import shop a year ago in Santa Fe. Seems like he should be the one to lead me safely through Mexico, Central America and back to his homeland in the Andes (in addition to my cariño @mehedi.505 of course 😘). No name for this colorful little dude yet but it seems like he needs one for the 10,000 mile ride we have ahead of us... any ideas? T minus 3 days and counting. #totesmagoats #letsgocariño85 degrees cycling along the coast of Central Mexico next week. But first, paradise of another kind. 🌬Im really going to miss the Southwest. 💘 But... #letsgocariño!Would you believe me if I told you I was going to ride my bike through 16 countries and camping almost every day this year? 🙆🏻 #letsgocariñoMehedi with the moon and the Three Sisters at Monument Valley.

Happy birthday to you, my love. Looking forward to celebrating many more. 🎂My last photo of 2015: sunset over the Colorado River, Glen Canyon. 🌚 #letsgocariñoCommunity Center in the Hopi village of Keams Canyon. Met some incredibly kind people on the reservation today. 🙏🏽What a year its been.For me, a soul place is a place in the wilderness where all I can hear is the sound of my own breath and the movement of nature around me. Happy to be working with @SuntoryWhisky in describing my idea of a soul place through photographs this week! This is their new Hibiki Japanese Harmony whisky, a nice way to keep warm in these cold, wintery mountains. 😉 #SuntoryWhiskyIt was 16 degrees in the Jemez Mountains last night but it felt even colder! We crawled out of our sleeping bags before dawn and into a hot spring on the mountainside. Not a bad way to watch the sun come up... #onatuesday
Everything is illuminated. ✨Savor every moment.Things are looking up. 👆🏽Layers of the Colorado Plateau. 🙌🏽〰 #letsgocariñoDesert sunrise and a 20 foot cactus. 🏜Spent the day wandering around Hopi and Navajo country, drinking chai and hatching plans for the new year. 👌🏽 #letsgocariño🕳Moments like these... 💘Smudge sticks, wooden bowls & universes. 🌌 #whphandmade