Never seen this place so green. 🌾 #howtosantafeWhoosh. 🙆🏻 #howtosantafe👋 #acertainslantoflight #howtosantafeIt is officially mushroom season in the Sangre de Cristos. 🍄 Thanks for being my mountain guide @abiboy505, and for helping me distinguish the edible mushrooms from the ones that will kill me. 😁 #howtosantafeRiding the waves of change. Bring it. 💃🏻 #howtosantafeSuns out, buns out. 😏Home is wherever Im with you. #🌻Dam, you look good. ✨Land of the free. 🇺🇸Saw some pretty legit emojis in the wild this weekend. 😯
Plaza Blanca always hits my reset button.Beautiful day on the lake with @collectivequarterly and @12_fps. 🔮 #alwaysgo #howtosantafeThe new @12_fps office is an adventure van. That whole work/life balance thing just got really interesting. #bettyventure #howtosantafeThe aspens got me swooning today. 🍃 💘 #howtosantafeWhere the land meets the water... thats where Ill be all summer. 🖖🏽Took the day off @12_fps to get into some nature and break up the work week. Found these wild petroglyphs hiking through a canyon in Abiquiu. Spooky. 👀The lovely @featherpony enjoying the meadow on our way up to Santa Fe Baldy over the weekend. 🌿 #howtosantafeTheres something about wet adobe... #howtosantafeThe Wild West is still wild. 🌾🏠🌾 #keepitwild #alwaysgo #purenmThese desert cholla dot the landscape all over Northern New Mexico and a bunch of them are flowering right now. Swoon. 🌵🌺
The sunset over the Rio Chama had me in tears the other night. New Mexico is just so beautiful this time of year. #honestcaptions #latergram #whpsayhitothewaterIts been a fruitful year. 🍑🙇🏻🍑
#makeportraits #makepeachesLast night the @12_fps Santa Fe crew went on an overnight retreat in a cabin with no electricity off the high road to Taos. So much laughter, so much music, so much food... with such great people. Feeling inspired to start working on some new creative projects and REALLY excited to host @collectivequarterly in Santa Fe this week. 😁 #howtosantafe #alwaysgo💭Nice little midweek vacation in Abiquiu. Back to reality now! 💃🏻In the woods. ✨🌲✨ #howtosantafeYurt alert.Kayaking along the Rio Chama. 🚣Summer weekends at the lake...👌🏽Thousands upon thousands of years in the making and Im just a tiny blip in time. Thats what I love about being in nature... keeps me in check.