A few years ago I was exploring little dirt roads in Abiquiu and I came upon this beautiful casita and yurt, set against Red Mountain. I thought to myself, "what an incredible place to live." This year I met and fell in love with @abiboy505 who grew up here – a strange and wonderful coincidence.

Last week I moved to Abiquiu and left my job @12_fps to become a full time artist. This is what my Monday mornings look like now. I couldnt be happier or more excited to see what the future has in store.

Abiquiu, its good to be home. #WHPmyoasis🌋Another beautiful weekend in Abiquiu –lake swimming, yucca harvesting, sleeping in the yurt, thunderstorms, lightning, rain, and romping through muddy arroyos. Happy. 😊The Jemez Mountains are so green right now. 🍃Youre the yin to my yang. 🌗 #howtosantafeI am on a lonely road and I am traveling... looking for something, what can it be?Plaza Blanca always hits my reset button.Beautiful day on the lake with @collectivequarterly and @12_fps. 🔮 #alwaysgo #howtosantafeThe new @12_fps office is an adventure van. That whole work/life balance thing just got really interesting. #bettyventure #howtosantafeThe aspens got me swooning today. 🍃 💘 #howtosantafe
🙌Yesterday my boyfriend and I rode our bikes 60 miles from Santa Fe to Abiquiu. It made me realize how many beautiful places I pass regularly in a car. #bikemoredrivelessOh, hi. #🐮On Friday night my sweetie and I drove up to the Jemez Mountains, hiked down into this beautiful valley in total darkness, and soaked in these hot springs under the stars until the sun came up. This is the only photo I took. Sometimes when I really want to remember a moment, I take a picture with my heart instead. I dont plan to develop that roll until Im old and grey. 💞Rise and shine. ✨Cant get enough of this lake. 🌊 #howtosantafeThe sunset over the Rio Chama had me in tears the other night. New Mexico is just so beautiful this time of year. #honestcaptions #latergram #whpsayhitothewaterIts been a fruitful year. 🍑🙇🏻🍑
#makeportraits #makepeachesLast night the @12_fps Santa Fe crew went on an overnight retreat in a cabin with no electricity off the high road to Taos. So much laughter, so much music, so much food... with such great people. Feeling inspired to start working on some new creative projects and REALLY excited to host @collectivequarterly in Santa Fe this week. 😁 #howtosantafe #alwaysgo💭
I read once that you dont find arrowheads... arrowheads find you. 🔺Finally made it to Echo Amphitheatre over the weekend. What an incredible place to listen to a thunderstorm. ⚡️Tiny foraged strawberries. 🍓This must be the place.Gray days. ☁️ #howtosantafeNever seen this place so green. 🌾 #howtosantafeWhoosh. 🙆🏻 #howtosantafe👋 #acertainslantoflight #howtosantafeIt is officially mushroom season in the Sangre de Cristos. 🍄 Thanks for being my mountain guide @abiboy505, and for helping me distinguish the edible mushrooms from the ones that will kill me. 😁 #howtosantafeRiding the waves of change. Bring it. 💃🏻 #howtosantafe