From the mountain to the sea. Mt Tam, youre a babe.Got lost in the dunes last night. Not the worst thing. 😏Hey Santa Fe! Im judging the #HowToSantaFe Outdoors & Adventure contest with sweet prizes from @skisantafe and @tenthousandwaves! Go check out @howtosantafe to read more about the contest rules. Im excited to see everyones outdoor & adventure photos in and around Santa Fe. 😛 Hop to it!Spent the day in the beautiful changing aspens in the Santa Fe National Forest with some new and familiar faces for the #aspenvistameet. Its just too good up there right now. ✨ #howtosantafeMy favorite season has officially begun. ✨🌾✨I was recently asked to explore Santa Fe and the Southwest by @GlobalYodel and @DK_Travel – they sent me a travel guidebook and told me to go out and explore... to which I said, "yes please!" This is a photo I took at White Sands, one of the most beautiful places Ive ever been. The Southwest is filled with gems like this. Find out why I think Santa Fe is a babe and see more photos from my adventures by following the link in my profile. 😊Weekend warrior.Picking up the Fall vibe around here. 😏 #howtosantafeHanging out in #thatsandstonecave with one of my favorites, @redcircle12. What a beautiful week it has been. 💫 #howtosantafe#fortunecookiewisdom 🙇
Fall in one of my favorite places in the world, Armstrong Woods. Ive been coming here since I was a kid – Im 31 now and somehow it hasnt lost its magic yet. ✨21 years ago today I watched my little sister @alexxazouzz come into this world. It was a pretty remarkable moment in my life. Despite being 10 years older than her, Alex has taught me so much about living life fearlessly and keeping my creativity alive. Its pretty great going through life together and I cant wait to have a drink (or two 😏) with her when Im home in a few weeks. This photo is an outtake from January when we went on a last minute road trip to Zion National Park. Im so proud to be your sister, Alex. Heres to many more adventures! Happy Birthday!Soaking up a perfect Santa Fe Fall day, featuring @redcircle12 and my favorite tree at this park.✨Sweet baby Django, frolicking in the purple aster field behind our casita last night. This boy has my heart forever. 🌸 #howtosantafeOne last photo from my travels with @globalyodel and @dk_travel – one of the things I love most about the Southwest is that theres something new to discover down every dirt road, arroyo, canyon, alleyway and mountain top. The Southwest really is my muse and I dont think Ill ever grow tired of her. Follow the link in my profile for more photos from my travels and find out what my "perfect day in Santa Fe" entails. Hint: hikes and drinks are both included. 😛 #globalyodel #dktravelSometimes it works out when your finger gets in the way. ✨Here comes the sun. 🌝////@jontaylorsweet\\\\Some people just blend right in here. @technopaul is definitely one of them. #howtosantafeSeeing double, featuring @redcircle12. Sometimes you just gotta go off roading down an arroyo and hike up a mountain in ballet flats to get the shot. 😏 #howtosantafe
So peaceful out here. 🐺Up here in the aspens and uh, #thetreeshavehands. 😳The dunes are calling.💃Another shot from my adventures around the Southwest with @globalyodel and @dk_travel! These are one of the many ruins in Chaco Canyon, built sometime between 850 and 1150 AD. See more from my escapades all over the Southwest and find out who makes my favorite margarita in Santa Fe by following the link in my profile. Cheers! 🍹🌵 #globalyodel #dktravelLast days of summer: rompin through Chaco Canyon, climbing giant rock formations and chasing coyotes away. 🐺#TBT from last Saturday at Ghost Ranch — Georgia OKeeffe country. Loved these badlands so much Im headed to the Bisti Badlands in the four corners area of New Mexico tomorrow. Badlands, yall. 👌 #howtonewmexicoI am reeling from a wonderful week of adventures all over Santa Fe & surrounding areas with friends old and new, including a handful of Instagrammers whose work Ive admired for quite some time. One of the highlights of the last week for me was meeting my friend @stellamariabaer in person for the first time. Stella is an incredibly gifted painter and photographer and all around beautiful person, through and through. One of my favorite things about Instagram is the community here. I know some folks I met this week and over the last couple years on IG will be life-long friends, and for that I will be forever grateful. So thank you @instagram - youve truly changed my life by bringing so many talented & inspiring people into it. And Stella, so lovely to finally meet you. Im sure our paths will cross again soon. #communityfirst #howtosantafeHiked through this incredible canyon today. It was magic. ✨ #howtosantafeDreamin in #thatsandstonecave.