A dramatic summer evening at the dog park. ⛅️ This guy loved it. #howtosantafeNew horizons never looked so good. 👐 #howtosantafeI spent my Sunday morning exploring a sandstone cave carved by New Mexico artist Ra Paulette. It was so incredible it brought me to tears. #howtosantafeI like big buttes and I cannot lie.@rizzyrizzrizz looking lovely at Plaza Blanca yesterday.The stars were out tonight at Creative Santa Fes magical event, DomeFest. 🌌 #vscocamEvery Sunday. 😴Mother Nature is such a babe.💃Taking the weekend off to go camping down south but first, stopping for green chile lemonade where the magic happens. 🔥Pretty nice night exploring some different spots in our hood. ✨
Dont mind if I do. 🍊🍌🍇👌This cat just blends right in.. 🐱#howtosantafeSummer is a babe. 💘 #howtosantafeSummer storm watching in my backyard with a couple of my very best friends. ✨Today felt like summer. ☁️#mindthecloudsJust got caught in what may be one of the last snow storms of the season. Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses, ya know? #whpappreciateearthLike a dream. 💭A rare #selfie on this fine Sunday after waking up in one of the most beautiful state parks in New Mexico. 😏 April has been a beast of a month for me and just about everyone I know. Thankfully when Im in nature, I only have one job: Be Here Now. I needed this trip and Im glad I took time off from work this weekend to do it.A day off in my studio, a cup of coffee and a few good books seem to go hand in hand for me. #whphandinhandIt was an absolutely beautiful Santa Fe Sunday. 🌸 #vscocam
A very nice end to a really great week. 🌅 #howtosantafeGiant tree carved in the middle of this cave is making me swoon. 🌳The lovely Angie Rizzo (@rizzyrizzrizz) in her new office at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe. We are collaborating on an exhibition at the CCA this fall and I couldnt be more excited about it. 🙈 #howtosantafeSanta Fe summer light is the best. ✨ #fiftyfifty #dipticRainy desert days.💧 #vscocamGiving thanks to the mother of all mothers. 🙌 #earthdayWho wears all white at White Sands? This guy (and the moon). #latergram #vscocamMoonrise over camp. 🌚⛺️ #vscocamSpent the day hiking in one of my favorite spots. We paused to watch the coyotes roam the valley and I couldnt help but recreate this #solotree photo from the last time we were here about a year ago.Spring cleaning. 🚮🌸