My family tree is full of nuts and Im grateful to be a part of it. 🌰 #TBT to one year ago today, hiking the Stairway to Heaven trail on Oahu with my sister and our cousin – 4,000 stairs up the side of a mountain with sheer drops on either side. Also technically illegal. 🙊 This is how we do Thanksgiving in our family. 😁 #teamcrayzouz🏞In honor of the new emojis. 🏜Fall days in the bosque with the van Hattum sisters. 🍂 #abiquiulifeBecause fall in the mountains is just too good. ✨🍃✨The Skyline Trail in the Pecos Wilderness. 12,000 ft elevation. Nothing but boulders and mountain goats up there. 🐐A beautiful morning with my favorite mountain. 💘Little spots of yellow means Fall is just around the corner. ✨I read once that you dont find arrowheads... arrowheads find you. 🔺Finally made it to Echo Amphitheatre over the weekend. What an incredible place to listen to a thunderstorm. ⚡️
Making stuff out of wood lately. 🖐🏽 These are unfinished pieces Ive been working on over the last month.Home. 🍂Jurassic hike. 🐲Truchas Lakes dressed in orange. Only Nature can pull off the color if you ask me. 😏🍂Last day of September. 🍁Pecos Baldy Lake // Day three of our 60 mile backpacking trek through the Pecos Wilderness. The climb to get up to this lake kicked my ass, but the journey was so worth it once we came over the ridge in the center of the photo. Morning chai with this view? Sign me up. ✔️They told me not to go chasing waterfalls... thankfully I didnt listen. 🙏A few years ago I was exploring little dirt roads in Abiquiu and I came upon this beautiful casita and yurt, set against Red Mountain. I thought to myself, "what an incredible place to live." This year I met and fell in love with @abiboy505 who grew up here – a strange and wonderful coincidence.

Last week I moved to Abiquiu and left my job @12_fps to become a full time artist. This is what my Monday mornings look like now. I couldnt be happier or more excited to see what the future has in store.

Abiquiu, its good to be home. #WHPmyoasis🌋Another beautiful weekend in Abiquiu –lake swimming, yucca harvesting, sleeping in the yurt, thunderstorms, lightning, rain, and romping through muddy arroyos. Happy. 😊
👋Morning routine these days consists of making chai and sitting on my front porch watching the fog roll through the bosque along the Chama River. Pretty different from my morning routine when I lived in Los Angeles and rolled out of bed and into rush hour traffic on the 405. My body, mind and soul thank me every day now. Maybe I dont make as much money or have a fancy car but my heart is happy and in these crazy times, what could be more important? #blastwhatyoufeel🍂Camped along the Pecos burn scar a couple weeks ago and thought a lot about rebirth that night. While editing this photo tonight Ive been contemplating all of the terrible news Ive been hearing recently – violence, conflict, illness... Events that seem incomprehensible yet we must find some way to understand them so we can heal and move on. Nature is always the great teacher, in this case bringing a lesson to remain in the present. As one thing passes, something new always comes into being. 🍃Personal highlight from a week long backpacking trip: running into these guys at the top of one of the mountains. 🐑🐑One week ago today @abiboy505 and I started a 60 mile backpacking trek through the Pecos Wilderness to experience the last few days of summer and the first few days of fall at 11,000-12,000 feet. I cant wait to share photos with you from our adventures. This is a snap from Truchas Lakes, looking foggy and beautiful in the early morning. 🍂 #slowtravel #purenm #travelnmThis mullein is doing life right. 👌🙌Yesterday my boyfriend and I rode our bikes 60 miles from Santa Fe to Abiquiu. It made me realize how many beautiful places I pass regularly in a car. #bikemoredrivelessOh, hi. #🐮