The Wild West is still wild. 🌾🏠🌾 #keepitwild #alwaysgo #purenmThese desert cholla dot the landscape all over Northern New Mexico and a bunch of them are flowering right now. Swoon. 🌡🌺Theres something really special about a giant body of water in the middle of the desert.@omjsk headed for the tree tunnel. Yesterday was a good reminder that shooting in beautiful places with a bunch of passionate photographers is something I need to do more often. πŸƒ #howtosantafeWalked up on this enchanting little scene in Chimayo today. ✨ #howtosantafeDaydreaming about this little dirt road that took us through the sprawling landscapes of Grand Staircase/Escalante Canyon in Utah. Take me back.Rabbits are funny creatures. We walked up on this one today and instead of getting startled like rabbits typically do, this one just kept munching the grass. I get in The Zone when Im grubbing on dinner too, little buddy.🍴🐰Funky dirt roads in Utah are my new jam. #nowutahkingFire in the sky, fire on the mountain, fire on the desert floor. Set up camp off a tiny dirt road in Nevada and nature put on a great show.Who knows why the wind blows.
Summer weekends at the lake...πŸ‘ŒπŸ½Thousands upon thousands of years in the making and Im just a tiny blip in time. Thats what I love about being in nature... keeps me in check.A beautiful end to a beautiful day... and the last day of spring, even though it felt like summer.Im inside a living history museum. Photo by @omjsk #howtosantafeNew Mexico, I just love you. #howtosantafeTrying to get out more because, you know... its good to appreciate the simple things in life. Like starting a fire. ⛺️Harvesting sage. 🌿Daybreak at Capitol Reef National Park, Utah.Hiked around the Cathedral Gorge State Park in Nevada at high noon – at least its tiny slot canyons provided some much needed shade. πŸ˜… #alwaysgoGoodnight, California. ✨
Saw some pretty legit emojis in the wild this weekend. 😯Home where my thoughts escaping, home where my musics playing, home where my love lies waiting silently for me. ✨Goats are so charming, always looking for the next mountain to climb. (Spoken like a true Capricorn..) #🐐 #howtosantafeCalifornia dreamin (a few weeks ago) 🌾Little bit of romance in my studio today. πŸ’˜#laterjam from a week and a half ago - we spent all day driving on a tiny road through central Utah when we finally decided it was time to pull off, make chai and set up camp. Capitol Reef National Park is where we landed and I cant stop thinking about this place. #nowutahkingWe drove up on a bunch of grazing cattle in Nevada, just hanging out along these two lane highways. Anyone else have the urge to call giant farm animals "booboos" and speak in a ridiculous, high-pitched voice in their presence? Or is it just me? 😁 #honestcaptionsRainbow over Bryce Canyon. Utah is definitely giving New Mexico a run for its money in the enchantment department. #🌈Traveling tiny back roads from San Francisco to Santa Fe right now - just a quick stop in Yosemite for a picnic... 😍 #alwaysgo #mytinyatlasCalifornia, its always good to be home. 🏑 #californialove