Every Sunday. 😴Mother Nature is such a babe.💃Taking the weekend off to go camping down south but first, stopping for green chile lemonade where the magic happens. 🔥Pretty nice night exploring some different spots in our hood. ✨🌝Another one from our chilly hike this past weekend. Its already back up to 60 degrees here in Santa Fe and were all wondering if this is the end of winter. I sure hope not, considering these snowy mountains provide us with our drinking water for the year! 🗻Fresh powder on our morning hike in the mountains. ❄️ #vscocamHit the deck! ❄️💨Sunsets with @sebradNeeded to hit the reset button today so I took my loves and went to my sacred place. It worked. #keepitwild
Like a dream. 💭A rare #selfie on this fine Sunday after waking up in one of the most beautiful state parks in New Mexico. 😏 April has been a beast of a month for me and just about everyone I know. Thankfully when Im in nature, I only have one job: Be Here Now. I needed this trip and Im glad I took time off from work this weekend to do it.A day off in my studio, a cup of coffee and a few good books seem to go hand in hand for me. #whphandinhandIt was an absolutely beautiful Santa Fe Sunday. 🌸 #vscocamMy wanderlust is out of control lately - Ive been daydreaming about these badlands all day. 😍 (from my drive through Arizona back in December)Morning stroll to get some coffee.🚶 #stridebyMissing California today. ✨ #vscocamThousands of years in the making.More snow for Santa Fe! Well take it! ❄️🔮
Who wears all white at White Sands? This guy (and the moon). #latergram #vscocamMoonrise over camp. 🌚⛺️ #vscocamSpent the day hiking in one of my favorite spots. We paused to watch the coyotes roam the valley and I couldnt help but recreate this #solotree photo from the last time we were here about a year ago.Spring cleaning. 🚮🌸Giant fluffy snowflakes have been falling all day and everybody seems to be loving it. ❄️ #vscocamDrinking up all this moisture here in the high desert.🌲😛🌲Why buy a house when we could build an earthship?Happy birthday to the greatest man I know, @justaposition.Sniff sniff. 🔍