Cause every little thing is gonna be alright. 🐦🐦🐦 #WHPwordstoimages #keepitwinterTheres no place like home. 🌾 #laterjam #passionpassportThis mornings first light from the top of Oahu. ✨ #haikustairs #teamcrayzouzOahu is somethin else. πŸ‘ŒAlyshka the Russian spy, taking photos at the ski basin. Top secret stuff. πŸ’‚ #howtosantafe #skibueno #putabirdonitWho said money doesnt grow on trees? #whpglitterWhat a lovely place to build a home. 🐣 #thatsandstonecaveJust about done with Fall here but these trees have not gotten the memo. #howtosantafeGettin that good light with @alexxazouzz.From the mountain to the sea. Mt Tam, youre a babe.
Reflecting back on 2014 while looking forward to a new year of adventures. Im ready for you, 2015. Bring it on! #globalyodelLast day in Hawaii and already plotting my return. πŸŒ„Todays sunrise hike ruled them all. Im in the clouds, at the top of Oahu. Only 4,000 stairs to climb down now. 😳Flew to Hawaii yesterday to spend Thanksgiving with family, jumping in the ocean and putting my toes in the sand. Feeling pretty grateful to be with the ones I love today and for the privilege to share my experiences with this great community. #howtoaloha #communityfirstThanks for a wonderful breakfast @innatloretto! This might just be my favorite building in all of Santa Fe... and the breakfast tacos? Dont get me started. πŸ™†#howtosantafe #lovelorettoTotally worth braving the frigid temperatures & waking up early on a Sunday to spend the day soaking up some Santa Fe magic with a handful of my favorite people. ✨ @sacred_geometry + #whpglitterGettin after that light. βœ¨πŸƒ#caughtgramming #howtosantafeAuthentic, original & ambitious – my brother @zach_azouz in three words.@coolertemps on the rocks, taking in a Mojave Desert sunset.Fall in one of my favorite places in the world, Armstrong Woods. Ive been coming here since I was a kid – Im 31 now and somehow it hasnt lost its magic yet. ✨
"If the mind is unconditioned, it is free." –KrishnamurtiOahu is heavenly – I think its now on my list of places to live before I die. Last shot from our incredible hike up the #haikustairs yesterday. (I cant move today.)Oahu, youre killin me. 🌴 #alohaJust a dusting. ❄️ #howtosantafeHey @redcircle12, thanks for finding my iPhone in a 3 foot snow bluff the other day. πŸ’ #howtosantafe #skibueno #wintervibesPeeling away the layers.Chasing light with these honeys on their hill. ✨Til next time, LA. 🌴The Mojave Desert definitely has its own kind of magic. πŸŒ„So peaceful out here. 🐺